Corporate Wellness

Begin Within Yoga will introduce your employees to the tremendous benefits of yoga at the workplace by providing on-site yoga classes and remote yoga classes for your company that will benefit both you and your staff. Yoga is a convenient and extremely cost effective way to reduce the negative effects of stress for your employees.

The advantages of this program include:

  • increased strength and flexibility
  • reduced mental and physical tension
  • improved morale in the workplace
  • enhanced work performance and increased productivity

Yoga will overall create a healthy and focused work force as employees will leave each class feelings restored, mentally alert, refreshed, and better equipped to handle the pressures of the workplace.


- Customized classes to meet your specific needs are designed for all levels (beginner to advanced) and are offered in 12 or 16 week sessions.

- Classes can be scheduled before the work day begins, at lunchtime, or after work, and are typically 60 minutes in length

- A minimum requirement of 10 students for a group practice charged at a fee of $15 per class per student.

- Classes can be company or employee sponsored, or co-sponsored.