Student Accolades

"Diane's classes are the perfect combination of a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practice - all combined in one! Her mastery of form, flow, music, and meditation creates a yoga setting that encourages each participant to push themselves to the peak of their individual level of ability and to enjoy the prize of the journey. The ideal way to start, interrupt, or finish your day!"

Gary Keil, PhD

"The tone of Diane's class is safe, non-competitive, and therapeutics in nature. People who possess little flexibility and low self-esteem will walk away from Diane's class feeling better about themselves - physically and emotionally. Diane issues appropriate cautions before particularly difficult postures and works with students to overcome physical and mental plateaus. It is apparent that Diane possesses a sound understanding of yoga techniques and a firm grasp of the rudiments for informed instruction."

Richard Polt

"Diane is a very committed person and yoga teacher: committed to her personal growth and development and committed to helping others achieve their goals and dreams. She is one of the kindest spirits and souls I know. She also has an enthusiasm for teaching yoga and holistic living that is contagious and exhilarating"

Joerama Valianti

"Diane shines brightly in every class. She has developed a style of teaching that is comfortable for her and gives the students a beautiful space to grow and expand with her. She lives yoga."

Roman Szpond